Ripple Investing™

Clavis Impact Fund

The Clavis Impact Fund is the private foundation arm of Clavis Capital Partners that seeks to use its resources to positively IMPACT the trajectory of people's lives throughout our community. More than just “charitable giving”, we aim to use our resources, energy, contacts and experience to make significant, positive “ripple” impact investments in our community.


About Us

At Clavis Capital Partners, we have been blessed with good fortune, great partners and a lot of good luck. The Clavis Impact Fund is our way of “paying it forward” and using our unique investing experience to create positive “ripple” impacts on people’s lives.

What is Ripple Investing™?

Like a ripple on the water, Ripple Investing™ is designed to amplify our giving efforts to impact as many people as possible. Simply put, our aim is to “invest” in situations — using our resources, energy, contacts and experience — that will positively impact the trajectory of not one, but multiple people’s lives.